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In 1999, Foothill High School opened with 29 students participating in the band, today there are over 350, making it the largest in the state’s history.  When a new school is constructed, the Clark County School District provides instruments for a band program of approximately 100 students.  State and local budget limitations have kept us from purchasing the instruments necessary to keep up with our growth.

Today, over half of our students are playing on borrowed or rented instruments.  Many of our instruments were acquired from older schools after they were deemed “BER” or Beyond Economic Repair. Foothill takes these instruments and pieces them together with tape and glue just to give many of our students the opportunity to participate.  With nearly all of our school budget money going towards the purchase of sheet music and school bus rentals, we are desperate for new instruments.

Instrument List

To Donate Towards the Purchase of New Instruments, PLEASE CLICK HERE

We are grateful for your support and appreciate anything you can do to help us. Thank you so much for your support in music education.

Project Instruments Video

  • 2nd Jun, 2016