Membership in Falcon Band Band Boosters consists of two classes of members (a “Member” or “Members”).

(1)          A class of “Voting Members” are established each Year and consist of:  1) all parents or legal guardians of students enrolled at Foothill High School during the then current fiscal year, 2) participating in the Band during the then current Fiscal Year, and 3) consent to membership pursuant to NRS 82.231(2).

(2)          A class of “Nonvoting Members” is also established and consists of any interested persons in the community who consent to membership pursuant to NRS 82.231(2).

To consent to membership, a Member must submit written registration that includes the Member’s name and email address.  Registration should also include a telephone number, but is not required.

Voting Members are eligible to vote.  Should a student leave the Band before its normal conclusion for any reason, the parents or legal guardians of the student may continue to participate in Band Boosters activities, but they are no longer Voting Members and are instead Nonvoting Members.  All Nonvoting Members are eligible to participate in all Band Boosters activities, but are not eligible to vote.

The Secretary for the Band Boosters is responsible for verifying whether a Member is a Voting or Nonvoting Member.  Should a Member believe they were incorrectly classified as a Nonvoting Member, the Member should submit proof they meet the criteria of a Voting Member and request reconsideration to any Band Boosters Officer.  The Officer receiving the request will forward the information to the remainder of the Board for consideration.  The Board is required to make a determination on any such request within ten (10) business days of the Officer receiving the request.